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Halaqah dating

"I am sorry I am not able to discuss this at the moment." The cameras around him began to click furiously, and he resisted the urge to close his eyes against the blinding lights. " Houssam had recently gone to Algeria to visit his family.

He had gone with his parents and it had been amazing to take a break and kick back and be in a place that not many people would recognize him.

Of the amazing things Allāh has created is al-qalb (the heart).

This mosque is not far away, it takes only five minutes on foot.

Sisters also took part in a unique workshop which helped them plan for their engagement with the Qur'an during Ramadan and beyond.

Sisters focused on creating their very own Dream Qur'an Milestones and Dream Qur'an Schedules and here is what one attendee had to say in the days following our event: ​​"If I am very honest I very rarely read the Qur'an.

First, from - pm, Shaykh Mendes will lead the Friday prayer in our beautiful masjid.

Then from 7-9pm, join us for Friday Halaqah, a friendly and open discussion lead by Shaykh Mendes.

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It is organized jointly by the UWindsor MSA and MAC Youth.

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