Updating index statistics sql is billy corgan still dating jessica origliasso

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Updating index statistics sql

I have experience with MS SQL server where it is possible and useful to update statistic and rebuild indexes.

I can't find such option in My SQL inno DB, is there such option?

And it is often the most misunderstood as to why it often works.

Please note that there are many other factors for query to not perform well; expired statistics are one of them for sure.My SQL 5.7.10Like @Adergaard, I have to disagree, too.In my case a query that uses some fulltext index was very slow (looked like full index search was used).Yesterday we looked at a handful of queries that you can use with the sys.dm_exec_query_stats system view to return information about the activity on your instance of SQL Azure.Today we will talk about one way you can help yourself to improve performance for your SQL Azure instance: updating statistics.

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If you want to know when your statistics was last updated, you can run the following query.